So this guy called in looking for some parts for his 11' DBS. He needed some floor mats and a left headlight assembly.......oh, and he wanted to make sure the person attending him when he comes in to make the order is white.

I don’t have an accent and many do confuse me for a “white dude”, but I am Mexican. The customer said, “make sure when I come into your store to place the order that you or whoever helps me is white. I don’t want to deal with or buy anything with anyone who isn’t a white and American”. I honestly thought it was a prank. I just said, “sure” and he hung up. After further research, the techs confirmed that on test drives with this guy, he makes conversation just blasting away about black people this, Mexicans that, blah blah about all these Muslims and all that stuff.

Dude WTF?

But you know what, I ain’t even mad. He has the right to feel and hate whatever he wants :] For this guy though, I dedicate this song for you

dat guitarron solo at 2:36