Racist Hypersensitive NPR is Racist

I know, lily white NPR is racist, rite??!?! No, seriously. This is like "Chink in the Armor" stupid. Just check the right column of that page.


Anyway, getting past dumb editers, what's with FAKE OUTRAGE??!?!?!? OMG, he tweeted these anti-semitic and misogynist jokes. Demonize him. Demonize HIM SO HARD! As one of the commenters put it: "Jon Stewart never made fun of Jews or women... except for the thousands of times he did."

But get a group of five bloggers together and they'll talk so much shit that this guy will resign.

It's like the Starbucks Race Together thing. If we make fun of the medium, people will forget the message. So Starbucks DARED to say something... better go after them for not being extrafuckingsupersensitive and savvy until they regret trying to advance the conversation and call it off.

PC Police are going overboard. PC Police have driven me from the Limp Left to the stable middle.

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