Rack 'Em Up

So, anyhoo, the project continues. I just got some more Argon so my welds are back to their normal, amateur level. They were bizarrely disfigured the last time around, but that’s ok for tacking.

The thing is super rigid, now that I’ve completed all the bracing. I’m seeing some light at the end o’ the tunnel.


One thing that is bugging me is how the rack shortened slightly as the bracing was welded in place. I expected and planned for it somewhat, but it shrunk a little beyond my expectations. No biggie, well within tolerances and it even looks a little better.

You might be able to see how low profile it is from the images. This is really what I was going for. Better for aerodynamics and looks the biz. I saw another Foz today that had a big ol’ basket on top and it really did not look right to me.

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