Radiator woes - UPDATE

UPDATE - I ordered a CSF all metal 3 row brass unit from Rockauto. still spendy but $100 less than OE and will get here Thursday.

What would you do?

OE at $500 but here tomorrow and a guaranteed fit

KOYORAD at $250 here Friday hoping it arrives intact and fit.

History - I bought a KOYORAD and it arrived damaged. So I bought another brand from a local radiator shop that didn’t fit. So they ordered another one, that one burnt down fell over then sank into the swamp also didn’t fit (looked to be the exact same radiator in a different box).


I have one hour to decide before I miss my OE shipping window.

The time factor is a big deal but not as big as it used to be...I mean I just can’t let it stretch out into another week. I need it by this weekend and it needs to work.



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