Radiatores Violentia

Just because a shitbox has received upgraded parts does not mean it stops being a shitbox. Case in point, a couple of hours after installing the upgraded bumper and trailer hitch receiver on the Unsolicited Explorer I took it out for a grocery store run. Once I returned and parked it in front of my house, I started noticing the unmistakeable smell of tainted wine. A quick peek presented me with this:

Shit, I need to replace the thermostat housing sooner than I planned, I thought. However, looking at the thermostat didn’t show anything different from the usual weepy situation.


There was, however, some freshly sprayed antifreeze around the hot side of the radiator. Peeking under the cowling showed me the source of the water works.

That’s a crack worthy of a Penthouse centerfold spread. Lovely! So now I have to look for a new radiator in addition to the thermostat housing. Whoever convinced auto manufacturers that plastics can reliably hold hot fluids for extended periods must be laughing while jerking off with wads full of money. At least this means that I only have to drain the coolant once.


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