We had a call in from a opponaut(thanks Caleb from Tennessee)!!

and one of the big things we talked about in our newest episode is radio mods,

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best and worst we've seen and done; question is what's the best and worst you've seen or done,(pic if you have any)

Topics: -Radio Mods -Mix CDs of awful music -The only reason Proc's Ex-Girlfriend stayed with him for so long was because he had all her CDs in his car -6 CD Changers were the worst invention -Go-Karting at Summit Point, WV -Caleb from Savannah Tennessee called in to discuss his terrible dealership experiences, his FIAT-Spider, and his Mazda To be on the show please email for recording times: untitledcarshow@gmail.com Tweet us : @untitledcarshow Thanks: Caleb (Our Tennessee liaison) Prius Owners (Horrible People...just kidding) Our Troops and First Responders Our Fans Abroad And In The USA (You all are the best!)