I had to wash it today. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, and I am gone Wednesday, Thursday, and possibly Friday. So today was the outside. I can do the inside tomorrow under cover while it is raining. I am starting to get excited - more for the trip with Toby than the actual car show. A confession? I’m not dressing up. I have decided to check out of that whole Radwood tradition.


I hope I don’t come off badly saying this, but I have a cool car. It still makes me smile and there are still details I want to do. It just fits me - even it’s slow, low performance specs.


I will be honest Oppo, I have been feeling down this afternoon since I saw the post about Luke Perry’s death and clicked on the link. I wasn’t a fan, but he was a big star in my younger years. 52 years old. I will be 48 in May. It just reminds me of how close I came to shoving off, and how easy it is to go at any time. Sorry to end on a downer. The next post will be cheerier.

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