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Radwood review

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I have not downloaded the few pics that I took from my DSLR, and I may not bother to post them. I did not enjoy the show, so I have little enthusiasm for the shots I took. It has nothing to do with the Sunchaser, in fact, the one good thing was that the venue made me very glad I did not bring my car after all. It was really disappointing, because the SF Radwood was one of the very best car events I have ever attended. Such a fun, wonderful day. This was not.


On paper, it should have been awesome: Radwood at the Petersen! What a great idea! The problem is that the show was in the parking structure. It was claustrophobic and awful; crowds of people and cars jammed in like sardines. They needed about half as many cars. The cars were a parking lot. The show cars were lined up space to space like a normal lot. You could not walk around the cars comfortably to get a good look at them, and you could not get enough room for good photos. Impossible to get photos without bystanders. What a huge bummer. I didn’t want to get that close to the cars because of crowds and close quarters. If my car had been there, I would have been terrified of dings and scratches.

I am going to try Sonoma in 2019, but I won't be going to LA again if it is at the Petersen.

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