Found this mixed in with the plebian toys at my Goodwill yesterday. So hell yes I bought it.

13 year old me had one.... and at first I thought it WAS this exact one but upon further reflection, Googling, and checking eBay auctions, I found I was wrong.


This RC truck, although visually identical to the one I had, but black instead of red, is like Bandit Light.


It runs on 4AA batteries, where mine was 9.6V rechargeable pack, and this has no suspension. Mine did. My original Bandit was also bigger.

But still, for $4, its a Good Buy.

And after stealing a 9 volt from the smoke detector, the AA’s from Bigfoot, and cleaning off some green corrosion on the battery terminals, IT WORKS.

Now for $190, do I justify buying the exact one I used to have?

Ebay has a couple of these vintage Tyco RC cars, trucks, and HOVERCRAFT for sale

Probably not, but nostalgia is fun, right?

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