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Raffle's canceled.

A journalist once said that “Mexico City’s airport is to Lopez Obrador what the border wall is to Donald Trump.” Which is a phrase that perfectly encapsulates the unwavering stubbornness of both leaders, and their -verifiable- rejection of the truth. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun once in a while! Especially with Obrador’s other pet peeve: the Presidential jet.

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A while ago, the president said that this airplane, a pharaonic reminder of administrations past, would be put up to a raffle. Each ticket would be half a thousand pesos (around 27 dollars) and there would be six million tickets.

The public laughed it up and called it ridiculous... But, was it? Because deep down there was a genius behind this scheme. His government had struggled to sell it for a year, despite commissioning the help of the UN, and even offering it to Justin Trudeau after the RCAF’s own VIP jet had to undergo heavy maintenance.

Regardless, it seems like selling this plane whole would be impossible. So why not raffle it? Shamefully, it’s pretty obvious that anyone who won that raffle would be suffocated by the great cost of maintaining this massive jet. Oh but wait...


The government had a solution for them too! The jet would include two years of free operations by the Mexican government... which would let a good administrator earn a good chunk of money, or at least enjoy the plane until after the midterm elections.

But, alas, it won’t happen. They announced that the jet won’t be raffled, and instead, this highly publicized raffle would just be a regular lottery. In this lottery, a 500 pesos ticket could give you the chance of earning twenty million pesos, and they’d select 100 winners from the six million tickets.


If you do the math, it means the government would earn a billion pesos from the raffle (prior to expenses, mind you), which is a lot more than what they’d get if they gave away the jet.

Some journalists pointed out that part of Mexican law prohibits the sale of the nation’s assets through lotteries, which might be the big reason behind the cancelation.


Nonetheless, this was the thickest smoke curtain ever pulled out, because as the raffle was discussed (and the next pointless project: changing the bank holiday system) Mexico’s Attorney General was trying to implement barbaric, authoritarian, and sexist policies that would greatly damage the human rights of Mexicans.


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