Funny looking screen grab of a petrolicious gallery before my rant.

I’ve been slowly replacing the front outer CV boot on my car (grease everywhere!). bought the part a bit ago and what I thought was everything else I needed. Ended up with a too small sized arm puller for the ball joint so I had to take a friends car and get another larger one and snap ring pliers the next day. Worked on it today, got the axle out and the triple lobe thing-a-ma-whatsacall-it off, everything cleaned and looking good to go back on.

The parts guy at the subaru dealership sold me the wrong one… after verifying my VIN and telling him the outer multiple times, I got the inner. This is on top of realizing I needed to take off the inner boot anyway so I ordered that only to have DHL lose it.

New part is on the way while the car sits on jacks immobile. These sort of things happen roughly every time I do work on my car outside of fluids and brakes.