Back in December I took a road trip north to San Luis Potosi, a few days ago I realized about the existance of this road; MEX120 from Queretaro City to Xilitla.

Now, the funny thing is, I actually planned to go to Xilitla, but it was way too far off from my original plan. The thing is, had I gone, I would’ve seen the rest of this road....

Queretaro sits in the Mexican lowlands, and in order to get to Veracruz -or Xilitla for that matter- you must traverse the Eastern Sierra Madre.

Xilitla is a tourist resort, famous for their coffee production and the Edward James gardens, which is a live art instalation in the area. It’s really far from any large tourist city, so I sort of don’t get how it became a resort, but at least the road there is interesting.

That’s a picture that a friend of mine took.

I don’t actually regret not going since it would’ve added ten hours to my trip, but if I knew about this road then I might’ve taken a look at it.

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