All the fluids needed changed. The coolant was mostly water, the brake fluid was really dirty and old, which I already knew, the diff, transmission, and transfer case fluid were all either original, or since it was last dealer serviced in the mid 90s. The power steering fluid was also awful and original. Now it’s got Total GL-5 in the diffs, Total in the motor, Redline MT-85 in the transmission and transfer case, and freshly flushed brake and power steering systems. Suspension and steering is lubed as well. Now the only issues are mostly dead original shocks, dead windshield and headlight washer pumps, intermittent gas gauge, and a missing front sway bar bracket on the left side, so left turns involve a lot of body roll. Oh and now that all the old gas is gone, the missing and weird idling has stopped. If I want it to run any better, I need to replace the clusterfuck of a vacuum/computer controlled feedback carb with a reman carb, or do the usual Weber swap. I’m really happy for now though. Shifting and braking feel much better.