Moving trains make a great backdrop. Trespassing tickets are bad for your wallet though.
Photo: Todd Ashmore (Todd Ashmore Photography)

What started as a nice quiet shoot next to what we thought was semi-unused railroad tracks, ended in three sheriffs make us sweat bullets. Kids, this is a reoccurring tale of why it’s never okay (and illegal) to play near or on railroad tracks. I’m sure you’ve heard it time and time again, but I’m a admittedly a dumb ass and I thought this was a good idea. Luckily for us, our tale ends in a funny story of how we almost got charged with trespassing to get pictures of a cool car. I always tell my kids, just because I’m a grown up doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes or do stupid things sometimes. This is a prime example.


When the sheriff rolled up, it took what felt like an eternity for the current train to finally pass so he could actually talk to us. Ironic seeing how we didn’t think we would see a train that night and this was the fourth one. We were informed that we were on Union Pacific property and were trespassing. It turns out that the first train that spotted us called in to dispatch and they in turn called the sheriffs.

Luckily for us, the first sheriff was a really cool guy. He owned an Audi RS3 and was into photography. He even came close to guessing the model of this particular McLaren, a MP4-12C. He would have called us all morons if he realized that it was a rare, one of six, special edition (Project Alpha). So at this point I was thinking, “okay this guy is cool, he’s into cars, he’s into photography, we’re totally getting off with a warning here”. That’s when two other sheriffs showed up and we all started shitting bricks.


What’s the second car for? Are they going to transport us out of here? My wife definitely will be letting my dumb ass spend the night in jail. These are all thoughts that are running through my mind at this point. Rather than finding out immediately, we had to wait for our warrant checks to come back. This is standard procedure for all stops, but it just so happened that the cops were standing feet from us on this one. While we waited, the sheriffs talked amongst themselves. I’m assuming it was along the lines of what dumb asses we were and how much of a waste of their time it was to be in the middle of nowhere. The three of us tried to make light conversation while we waited. Seeing how it was the first time we had ever hung out in person, I was profusely apologetic for the situation seeing how this whole thing was my idea.

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