Accidents and Ants. The two things that come from rain in California. For the most part, I avoided driving today because no one here knows what to do. Unfortunately, I was met with hundreds (maybe over 1000) of Argentine ants invading the house while they tried to escape the deluge of rain outside. They came in through two different bedrooms and through the kitchen.

Once I got that under control, I went to do some laundry and the dryer broke.

On the plus side, I made car rental reservations for the weekends that I’ll be in Glasgow UK at the end of the month (for work) and one of them is a sport sedan (maybe even the newish jaguar XE if I’m lucky).

But with my luck, they’ll be like: I’ve got yer motur reit haur, but it’s nae quite whit ye hud in min’.


Alright Monday... bring it.