Surprise! It stormed on the way home from work. I like wax. I do not like the very very loud squeak from the wiper motor.

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I’m taking the RX7 to get a new windshield tomorrow. The current one is so chipped, pockmarked, and otherwise scratched that with the sun in the right spot, you can’t see out of it. Headlights have a similar effect. Hopefully that goes well - I’m a little concerned about the trim that needs removed to do it.

I also noticed that the master cylinder seems to be seeping a little bit from the reservoir/cylinder joint. I’ve been wanting to flush the brakes (because I don’t know when it was done last or what sort of fluid [beyond ‘dot3'] is in it) and do the flex lines, so I’ve ordered a new MC, stainless flex lines, and another liter of Typ200 in case for some reason I use more than I already have on hand. This will bring all my vehicles to a state of using the same brake fluid, if nothing else.

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