Well, I think I need to raise my hand. My Mom said it best the other day when she pointed out that no matter how many cars I look at, I always seem to come back to Volvos. Problem is, with my budget, the ones I want are kinda sketchy, high mileage, or at a place that won’t give me anything for my C30. So, I decided to lower my budget even more, and was hit with an idea: P2R

I don’t care how unreliable it may be. Just look at it! And the sound! And the performance! For the prices of these, the maintence bills would be similar to car payments. And I get AWD and four doors!

I know its a terrible idea that will only backfire, but if I could find a clean one that has had most of the major work done, I might just have to pull the trigger.


Pics are from a car at a Mercedes Dealer in Alabama... Yes, I would take the drive...