I bought the 505 three years ago. I bought it, because I wanted an ‘80s RWD sedan, that handles well, but is not a BMW. Ridiculous, I know. But it worked out pretty well in the end.

Went to an amateur drift day this weekend - an open track, cheap entry, a tire fitter, and that’s it. This has been a long time coming, me taking the Peugeot out to play, properly. Along these three years there’s always been something missing, something, that wasn’t right, and stopped me from truly having a go. Last winter the car was finally good enough to have fun in the snow, but it still lacked power, the brakes weren’t up to scrutiny, and I didn’t have good tires. But starting from this May, I could finally inject some cash into this project of mine, and it shows. The engine is going much stronger now, the wheels are upgraded to 15”, with fitting rubber, with numerous small bits also sorted. I even installed a Momo wheel fitting the car quite well. I now have my 505 in a shape in which i feel safe to get on the motorway at proper speeds, then head out to a track to drift, and then drive home again. In fact, I did just that, and the old tramp didn’t bat an eyelid. Yay me!

I was lucky to have rain, torrential rainfall all weekend, so the track (and the grassy run-off areas) were soaked good. I also had some very used 15” Dunlops to burn through, so had the fitter fit those on the rears, and out we went. Now I have to say I don’t know much about this drift business, therefore many laps went by with me tip-toeing into turns, and then engaging power-on oversteer on the way out. The 505 has all of 97 HP from factory, so you can imagine how slippery it was that this worked quite well. But 6-8 laps in, i felt it was time to yank that handbrake on the turn-in, and presto: proper drifts! In a 1986 French sedan! That’s not even lowered a bit, so felt (and looked) like I was drifting a barge!


Things have worked out very well, some of the time I even managed to truly nail a corner. Of course there were quite a few excursions on the grass too, but that’s why we all went there - no single driver managed to stay 100% on the pavement. And then, when I had enough, the car got it’s proper rear tires back, and drove home like a champ.

I now have this nice fuzzy smugness in me, and have caught myself looking at these pics way too much. But hey, a three year old project bearing fruit: a man can celebrate, right? Right.


(Top two pics from Balázs Varga. Bottom two from Zola video. Cheers!)