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Ralliart threw a trouble code

I went to pick up my roommate and the Ralliart popped on the Service Engine Soon light. I grabbed my ELM and popped it on. News isn’t amazing. P0017 could be a ton of things. Diagnosis will be somewhat long and annoying. It’s also never had it’s timing chain done. It’s an interference engine and the stock timing chain is a known-bad item. Some of them have been known to fail under 30k. It’s been 71k. If I had to put my money on something, it would be that and/or a sensor. I may just take it to a dealer. 

- Dirty Oil

- Timing belt/chain off one or more teeth

- Variable valve timing sprocket faulty

- Engine mechanical problems

- Faulty camshaft position sensor

- Faulty crankshaft position sensor

- Faulty oil-control solenoid

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