I like to use the phrase "if they built it, someone somewhere has rallied it," by which I mean I believe nearly every car ever built has been rallied at some point somewhere in the world. But is this true? I invite you to help me find out. All you have to do is name cars and I'll see if they've been rallied.

The stipulations:

For starters, I want to specify that my assertion applies strictly to cars. While there are rally trucks and SUVs out there I'm less confident in their diversity (for example, I don't think anyone's rallied a Ford Excursion), and while there are one or two rally minivans out there I've yet to hear of a rally Grand Caravan. That said if you feel like naming a truck just for gits and shiggles I'll check it against rally raid records.
Other qualifications: They must have built at least 5,000 of the car, no sneaking one by me by saying something like Hennessy Venom. Also, let's keep it to cars less than 50 years old. No electric cars, though hybrids are allowed.

What qualifies as a rally:

Stage rallies, obviously, rally raids, targas, and major adventure rallies like the Mongol Rally or Gazelle Rally are all fair game. Quasi-legal road rallies like Gumball, Bullrun, and Cannonball will not be included.


Alright, those are the rules, let's see what you've got.