Looks like I’m pulling the trigger on a new 8.8 rear end assembly tomorrow.

3.73 gears rebuilt about 5 years ago with the higher gearing and taken out of a 91 Mustang last week. The above pictured unit is the one I’m buying.


$175, sounds good to me!

Might take a bit to get this actually installed but I couldn’t pass up on this for 175. I’m picking it up tomorrow morning. This will be GREAT to have available for 1 the upgrade and 2 if the 7.5 that’s in the Rally Capri goes BOOM.

I don’t think I ever mentioned the goof up with the tires, they sent me a set for 17 inch wheels, which obviously won’t do. So they replaced those with 215/70/15's which are a hair bigger than the originally planned 205/70/15's. They’ll fit so I’m happy. Still have to get those mounted.

I swapped the starter solenoid recently and re-did a bunch of the wiring in the same way it came off -swapped fork connectors for loop connectors so they don’t fall off when racing on...uneven surfaces we’ll say. Still having some starting issues so we’ll see if I can get that worked out.


Finally, I wasn’t aware we could do so many boxes below so I took advantage of it lol.

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