Rally MR2sday? Rally MR2sday!

Looks like I know what I’ll be doing with the second to last weekend in May thanks to someone finally planning one of these more than a week ahead of time. I’ll be finally taking Charlie out in the dirt! Central Florida Oppos should come play in the dirt or watch Charlie hopefully not break.

The only question now is what to do about tires. I have shitty no seasons on the original wheels and Direzzas on a wider/taller wheel. Obviously, the Direzzas will not be used. Do I just use the shitty no seasons since I’m just out there to have fun, or get some cheap winter tires mounted on those wheels since I’m moving up north before winter and might need them then?


The other option is that by the time I get those shipped and mounted, I’ll probably be not terribly far off from the price of a used set of already mounted gravel tires. I’m leaning towards just using the shitty no seasons, but the rally tires are a bit taller, so will give me more ground clearance, and I want them anyway. What does Oppo think?

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