Some of you already know that I got sponsored by Stateline Rallycross to run the Gambler-500 Illinois to promote for them. I’ve been working hard, with some help from my friends, to get the RallyMetro prepped for the event.

To get it street legal, I hung the turn signal and marker lights back on it, in a very professional manner that totally didn’t involve strapping and self-tapping screws. The previous owner, XJDano, gutted the housings to convert it to brighter H4 sealed beam headlights. I went a step further and cut the cloudy lens away for more light to get through.

I patched a couple floors in a rally-approved fashion ... random metal I had laying around, laytex house caulk, and more self-tapping screws. No expenses spent!


We discovered that the front left wheel bearing was completely shot I dropped the spindle off at my favorite local indy shop to have a new one pressed on. I’ll pick that back up this afternoon


This weekend I need to reinstall the spindle, and the Stateline Rallycross stickers should be here today too.

I can’t wait to rally!!