Turbos and RWD, but not at the same time.

Finally, the day I’ve been waiting for. Rear wheel drive rally training. We used a BMW E30 which felt fantastic. The main technique they teach to get RWD cars around corners is full lift, trail brake in, and ease on the power to throttle oversteer out. Liftoff oversteer, clutch drop downshifts, and just hammering on the throttle can all be used to rotate the car very quickly. I also played with clutchless downshifts. I got them most of the time. Once I got used to the car, I was late apexing and getting small, fast drifts around corners. Best car so far.

Next, we were planning on jumping in the Impreza. The battery was dead, so they decided to let us jump in a WRX! SO MUCH POWER! I thought it was harder to drive than the BMW, just because you had to be ready for the boost to hit. The space between corners felt more compressed. The other student was more comfortable with it was laying down some very fast runs.

Now we’ve done turbo AWD, time to try turbo FWD. The FiST was harder to drive than the base fiestas, since with the base car at 100hp we drove at full throttle the whole time. The FiST had more power and stronger brakes, which took some getting used to. In fact, it had so much power and brake that after a 20 runs or something the LF brake caught on fire. Not smoking, like some flames coming out of the wheel. We had to go drive around and find puddles to cool the brakes off. After that we stopped giving it full throttle and brake at the same time.

We continued on to add some roads to the course. I got to pick the first car, so of course I picked the BMW. Drifting through tight corners was a little scary at first, but I trusted the car and didn’t have any close calls. Fantastic.

We then did the same course in the WRX, but by then my camera was full. Still stupid fast. After a few runs of that they put us on some new roads we hadn’t seen before with some decently sized crests. The other student ran it with the WRX and definitely got some air over one of the crests. I ran it in the BMW and lifted. Today I’ll stay flat out. We’re going to be running some roads with pace notes.

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