Rally school is all wrapped up. Day 5 was really fun despite being a passenger in a crash. At the start of the day, we were given pace notes for the stages we would be running. We did two reconnaissance passes simplifying or modifying the initial notes. The BMW was fantastic. Lots of oppo.

We did 4 stages this way.

For the next two stages, we started with a blank paper and created our own notes. The other driver and I ended up with mostly the same notes. A few spots were different. I think on the last stage he had a right 4 on the corner he went off on. I think I had that as a right 3.

After the crash they let me do a few runs starting on the corner after where the car was.

All in all, rally school was fantastic. Even after years of rallycross, there was so much I didn’t know. The instructors were great, the cars were fun, and the facility was awesome. Highly recommended to everyone.


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