Highs and lows this weekend. Ryan Wilcox and I finished tenth in the national class, which is ridiculously awesome, and hucked a massive 100 foot jump. Things weren't so good for the TAG Rally Sport Yaris. Tracey and Tabitha went off on the most notorious corner of the rally, going down a 70 foot embankment and rolling the car multiple times. Fortunately they're both ok, despite being very sore. The Yaris on the other hand may be done for the season, if not for good. The engine, transmission, cage, frame, and suspension are all ok, the car even still drives well (took it up to 60 mph and it was solid as a rock), but the body is a mess. Of 15 separate body panels 14 are damaged and 13 are damaged to the point of being unsalvageable (co-driver front fender escaped, hood can be saved). All glass is broken except for the glass in the co-driver door. We're contemplating our options and looking around for a donor shell now, but we're not really sure what the future of the Yaris will be.