So, I tried rallycross, and it was pretty much the best. I drove in my way too new, way too shiny STI:

I got last in Stock AWD, 1 second slower than the driver ahead of me. Not too bad for my first event, but last is last. The course was way rockier and rutted than I had anticipated, so I felt pretty nervous about my car after the event. Nothing was seriously damaged, except for the wheels which now look like I’ve driven into every curb in Seattle. I should note that the car kicks ass in the dirt, and the feeling of the AWD pulling that hard on such a loose surface is a little intoxicating.

Even though my car made it out of this event mostly unscathed, I can tell that it will rattle itself apart or worse if I do too many of these events. Even driving on unpaved forest roads for a couple hours wasn’t as rough as this. Therefore, I did the most logical thing:



I bought a Neon.

Specifically, a 2-owner 2001 ACR with 79,000 miles on it. FWD on the dirt is plenty of fun, and this specific car is lightweight, has a short wheelbase, and even has decent ground clearance. The only thing missing from the rallycross wishlist is an LSD. I’ll need more seat time before that becomes my limiting factor.


I’m extremely excited not only to have a rallycross car, but also just an extra car that I don’t have to worry about.