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Rallycross Neon: part 6

Always use protection! Last weekend, I had intended to install a steel skid plate, but was thwarted by a shocking amount of laziness or not caring by the supplier.

Do these look the same to you?


Well, they’re not. The one on top fits and the one on bottom does not. I mailed the guy (who already has my money) and he replied “why don’t you just trace it and grind it to match?”

...Because I bought a kit that was advertised to work and it is shockingly lazy to send the parts in this condition. I don’t have the tools to do that, either. Long story short, he’s refunding me $5.00 for the inconvenience. Argh, but oh well, I guess.


Thankfully, there is a machine shop in my office and I have awesome co-workers. Within 10 minutes of me asking, I had the modified part. Since a ride in the Neon didn’t entice him enough, I guess I owe him lunch instead. I’ll use the $5 to get something real fancy.

Next up, install attempt #2. Hopefully I’ll find time during the week, but that may have to wait until this weekend.

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