Just some spots on my travels around Mahone Bay and Lunenburg today! :)

Saw this old gal on my way to Mahone Bay! It’s a ‘55-’57 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria coupe in amazing shape! It’s owned by an older gentleman down the road who also has 2-3 other classic 50's-60's American rides!
This little NB Miata was hiding out in the back of the parking lot at one of the local churches - it had some suave aftermarket rims and looked to be in pretty nice shape aside from some slightly cloudy headlights!
My arch-nemesis returns!!! Spotted this...thing on the highway on my way to a sub teaching job about 2 weeks ago! I knew it was sort of terrible 80's throwback retro thing, but had no idea what. Fintail set me straight and it is a Zimmer Golden Spirit, based on a Foxbody Mustang, if you can believe it!
As I saw it the first time from my dashcam...the front end is worse....
Taken looking at the parking lot of the local Burger King - I parked my Accent (left) next to this behemoth! It’s NOT a JDM-import Mitsubishi Delica, but in fact a Euro Mitsubishi L300 kitted up for some light Overlanding on German plates! An Overlanding lifted Mitsu Delica with ‘WORLD’ license plates? How fitting! :D

The owners must’ve shipped it over to Canada to do some exploring! This was originally a very German-settled area back in the 1750's, so seeing German-plated campers is uncommon, but not all that surprising around here in the summer! :)

EDIT - Thanks to Fintail for letting me know it is indeed a Zimmer and not an Excalibur neo-classic!

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