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To begin, as most of you know, I own a 2009 Hyundai Accent hatchback base model with no bells and whistles AT ALL. That being said, as slow, cheap, plastic-y, and bland as it is, I love my little car and thought it was high time I actually wrote something well-researched and tied with information I have learned while owning my car! :)

The ‘MC’ generation (2006-2010) Hyundai Accent sedan and hatchback debuted at the New York Auto Show in 2005. Here, over the course of it’s 4-year run, it received a few small updates, but no real updates to the exterior of the car. From the outside, it’s difficult for anybody to tell a 2006 from a 2010 as most of the changes were on the inside, such as a switch from lime-green instrument backlighting in 2010 to the brand’s now common blue/white backlighting. In this write-up, I’ll be telling you some differences in fascia and design from one MC-generation Accent model to another around the world.

Here in North America and in most of the world, the Accent received conservative and relatively pedestrian styling. It’s not amazing looking, but I, at least personally, think its not ugly either and is handsome in a ‘it does it’s job well’ kind of way - some of the treatments to the Accent hatchback are actually kind of sporty for an economy car, such as the integrated rear hatch spoiler. Canadian, US, Australian and European cars as well as Mexican-market cars (oddly sold under the Dodge brand as the ‘Attitude’ south of the US border) all received the same fascia treatment front and rear for the most part, other than black plastic side rubbing strips being available on Mexican market cars, but not here in the US or Canada. Mexican-market Accent/Attitude sedans also had a black plastic logo plate above the rear license plate rather than the body-colored panels found elsewhere globally. Factory wheels/hubcaps differed from market to market. Mexican market cars also had plastic black doorhandles and black mirror covers on some models while all cars (whether base trim or not) in Canada, Australia, the US and Europe were sold with body-colored handles and mirror covers:

A Mexican-market Dodge Attitude - note the Dodge logo in place of the Hyundai one on the front grill, and the black rubbing strips on the side, as well as black mirrors and doorhandles.

European and Australian cars received the same fascia as well, though I am unsure if the black side strips were available. European, Australian and Mexican market sedan models had different taillights than those we had here in the US and Canada - the lights were virtually the same, however Australian/Euro/Mexican market cars received them with amber-tinted turn signals where Canadian and US cars had turn signals tinted red - this is a bit odd as the Accent hatchback was sold with amber-tinted turn signals globally!:


The only distinct fascia changes on most North American/Australian/European market cars were the front grill and side repeaters. These cars all had the same body-colored front bumper design with black plastic insert - foglight equipped models had holes in the same insert for mounting the lights at the upper corners each side, meaning the entire black insert or bumper has to be replaced if an owner decides to install factory foglights. Hatchback models received a body-colored, sportier looking grill with wide body-colored bar and black large mesh, while sedans featured a plainer chromed grill. Hatchbacks also all came with fender-mounted side repeaters while they only came on higher trim levels of the Accent sedan, with most sedans being repeater-less.


The only other distinct fascia change on North American-spec cars was the Canada-only Accent SR model. Limited numbers of these (500) were sold only in Canada and each came with small performance upgrades from the factory such as a front strut-tower bar, short-throw shift kit, cold air intake as well as styling enhancements with added fender flares, badging, front lip, rear lip, side skirts and exhaust tip.

The Canada-only SR model was very rare and only came in a few colors - silver, white, black and red, I believe!

Now, here is where things get confusing - elsewhere in the global market. Information is hard to come by, but India and a lot of Australasian countries only seem to have received the Accent sedan with no hatchback models available of this generation. In India, South Korea, and many Australasian countries, the Accent was sold as the Verna. Most Chinese, Indian and Australasian cars seemed to follow the same fascia designs for the sedan that we had here, but had the rear amber turn signals and a similar black plastic logo plate above the rear license plate as is often found on Mexican market cars:


An Accent sedan taxi in the Philippines - note the amber turn signals and black plastic logo plate.

Malaysia, at some point, had a different front bumper design than the rest of the world. I don’t know if this change was sold in any other countries as this is the only instance I can find of this design, but the front bumper cover was reshaped and the large, somewhat ugly black plastic insert was removed in favor of more matching body coloring. Foglights remained the exact same models though. The front grill differs from other global cars as well, and the hood now featured a chrome strip with the Hyundai logo where the logo was previously mounted on the grill:


South Korea did one final large facelift to the MC generation Verna before the arrival of the RB generation. This was one of the first instances of Hyundai trying to use their then-upcoming ‘fluidic’ design language, with the Verna receiving a completely revised front and rear end, including taillights, rear bumper, exhaust tip, front bumper, headlights, and grill - the “Hyundai Verna Transform” was born. This facelift was sold in Chinese markets as well, and possibly others, though I can not find any exact details!

I actually like the changes in the Verna Transform facelift, despite the fact they are kindof overdone - swapping those onto a car here would certainly leave you with something unique that nobody else would have!

At any rate, time to rush an ending as I have to head off and get some work done. Hopefully you weren’t too bored and at least learned some new trivia you will never have a reason to use! I may have made a mistake(s) somewhere as this was all based on what information I could find and what I already knew - feel free to correct me if I am wrong and you know better! ;)