Hello everybody, and welcome to RallyDarkstrike’s new semi-daily installment of ‘RallyDarkstrike’s COVID Brochure/Magazine Extravaganza’ (lights and sirens go off mid-’80s-American-Car-Dealership-Ad-style) :D

I have a decent stash of random old brochures and car magazines here at home and thought I would scan some of them and post them on Oppo for your enjoyment and chuckles over the next few weeks of this wonderful pandemic we’re all stuck in the middle of... :/

In our first installment, Volume 1 - we are taking a look at a 1974 Chevrolet brochure for their line of campers and RVs! Files will be uploaded in convenient PDF format for your ease of download and viewing. Take a read and enjoy! :D



I mean....FINNED rear brake drums!!! FINNED! Such a novel concept! :P

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