Very early saturday morning, me and my friend got up to head to Maniwaki Quebec, almost one hour and a half direct north of Ottawa. Going up Highway 105, a white golf appeared in my mirror. Turns out it was Whiskey Golf, who had also come up for the day. You can check his photo's out here. Zipppy was a little further back and met up with us at the first stage.

I had a really good time at the rally, although I found the hour and half drive back to town afterwards pretty tiring. The organizers of this event did a great job, keeping everyone safe and sound, and even signing the event pretty well, so we didn't get lost.

Helping us along was the fact that I also did considerable prep by having the coordinates pre programmed into my GPS, and had google maps printed also.

Dusty told me to dress warm, and I knew that because Ottawa is so so cold, but wow. I wore the heaviest everything I own, which was an undershirt, a t shirt, a hoodie that probably weighs about 3lbs, a huge ski jacket that has an entire summer jacket embedded in it, a toque (to go under my hoodie), scarf, long johns, jeans, snow pants with the linings in, and insanely thick wool socks, and I wasn't too cold, but at no point did I feel overdressed. You get really cold standing outside in -15C for hours at a time.


And now without further ado I present: "Rally Perce Neige 2015, the Brapppening"