Beemer life has been interesting so far. After putting it off long enough I have finally started the rally prep.

This past sunday I did the rear struts. Easy enough, remove wheels, disconnect strut, put new strut on, bolt everything up. I’m using Bilstein HDs until I have a few rallies under my belt and I’ll actually be able to use better suspension.

Today I got my engine parts and got to wrenching. First job was the cam position sensor which was throwing a CEL. It’s a hall effect sensor held in place by an allen bolt. Easy right? Nah, I had to take off the VANOS (vvt) solenoid to get to it. This required me to run to the hardware store and get a 32mm wrench that was quite expensive.

Oh well, done and done. On to the next engine code, which was an oxygen sensor. I’ve never done one of these and the repair manual I have was pretty useless. Thanks to google I figured out I would need crow sockets. Off to O’Reilleys to buy those. After much frustration and cursing, I got that replaced. Next time I fire it up I should be clear of codes!

It was still somewhat early so I decided to try and tackle the front struts. Because of 15 years of Michigan weather, just getting everything apart was a significant challenge. Eventually I was able to get the front strut off. Check the manual for the next steps, and shit I forgot to buy a spring compressor. Front suspension work will have to continue tomorrow.


Once suspension is done, I will begin stripping the interior and probably put in the order for the cage. My target is LSPR in October.