Ramblings from the drive home.

Yes my parking is as bad as it looks but, I was at the far end of the lot so, who cares.

Couple of ideas.


Thinking about writing a weekly article (or running a podcast) about the kind of things we post on Oppo, down to earth car info with a focus on informing the commuter about things that actually matter to them, and having discussions about stuff related to the daily driver. Topics of discussion could be things like; all season tire technology, autos vs cvt, advances in lane departure warnings, abs, traction control, winter driving, road engineering and technology, etc. Is this a topic that is already over discussed? If not, is it even going to be interesting to people? Any advice would be greatfully accepted. Oh btw, already got a name, “Our Daily Tread”. Why? Well because I’m a Christian and I thought, hey a cool play on words, not that it would have any reason to be part of the column/podcast....... thing.


Idea #2.

Does traction control and vehicle stability control make you a better driver? Ok here me out, now that I have a car with traction control, I realize my naïveté of a younger me claiming (without qualification), “traction control is for people who can’t handle a car properly to begin with, I’m going to be good enough I don’t need that new-fangled garbage”. Yeah I’m ashamed. Anyways, back to the point. Having traction control has allowed me to more safely explore some of higher limits of my car, and be able to feel how my car reacts at closer to the limit. More importantly, my car’s tc and vsc is basically teaching me how my FWD car should react (and how I should react) in low traction driving situations, because of this I feel more qualified to be able to handle my car, or other cars without TC and VSC, because I know how to induce similar behavior, and “mimic” what the traction control and VSC would want to do in low reactions situations. Am I loony, was this coherent, or am I just a better driver because of more time behind the wheel.

Thanks for reading this far through the above musings. You get a cookie 🍪:)

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