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Rampage back to Rampaging!

Short Version: Clutch cable broke on Friday about 40m away from my garage, and today I managed to replace the wire rope in the cable sheath and installed it.

Longer Version:

When the cable broke I was just shifting into Second so SUPER LUCKILY the cable broke as I disengaged First so it was in neutral. I called my wife, and then a helpful neighbour and I pushed it behind my garage while my wife steered. I removed the broken halves of the cable and through some intercepting and phone calling figured out it should be about 42". Nobody anywhere has a direct replacement that I could get in a hurry. So I went to HomeDepot and grabbed some 1/8" cable and some crimps. Today I ripped out the broken cable and then had to spend several hours running a modified coat hanger through the sheath to remove the snaggy spots so a the new cable could slip in. I got it in, made new ends with the crimps, installed it, tested it, and it seems to work. New Dodge Omni cable should be in on Tuesday, but I’ll be up in Edmonton.


Everybody cross your fingers for me.

I put extra bits and tools in the truck to repair a crimp if it breaks, and left the end of the cable a little long. But I’ll either need a proper set of large crimpers, or a bench vise to get it done with the Linesman pliers I’ve got.


Anybody know of any “make a custom cable” type kits? Or companies that can kinda clone what I’ve got. I’m hoping the Omni cable is close enough with its mounting points on the sheath.

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