Have been at Canadian Tire for the past 4 hours.

The issue... was driving the GF home last night. Drove over what felt like a pothole.


But after that happened, it sounded and felt like something was rubbing.

After I got off the highway, had a look underneath and saw that it was just the e-brake cable hanging down and rubbing on the ground. No biggie. Aside from the scraping sound, the car felt normal.

This morning I jack my car up to tie up the cable so it wouldn’t scrape.

When I test drive my car, the brake pedal feels REALLY MUSHY... it seems that I have a brake fluid leak as well.


A bad brake fluid leak.

Bad enough that the brakes are REALLY WEAK.

Drove the car very slowly and very carefully to Canadian Tire.

Would have preferred to take it to an independent mechanic, but there isn’t much choice for auto repair places open on Sunday.


Looks like it’s gonna cost me around $600.

They also tell me my car is “structurally poor”... as in it’s rusty underneath... but I already knew that.


Meh... I already got 2 years of use out of it and I only paid $2000 for it. With this repair, if it lasts me another 6 months, I’ll be happy. But it looks like I’ll probably look for another car later on this year.

Update: Total damage including tax was $658.

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