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Ran When Parked

That phrase usually means you’re boned, but I guess I occasionally know things because with some fresh gas, a whole lot of ether, and a jump pack this old Deere ran for the first time in four years today.

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Even better, it actually drives too. Once it would stay running I drove it from behind the PO’s house and onto my rental trailer. PTO worked too, blades spun right up, but I had to pull the deck to get it on the trailer.

So the motor is excellent, runs nice and smooth, transaxle works fine in forward and reverse, and the tires are fair at least. The seat is junk, but I’m going to find a way to reattach it and just throw a cover on it. I’ll replace the upper hood, because I clearly can’t live with that mess, but then I think it’ll just be a nice little worker for short money. I’ve spent way more than $75 on way garbagier stuff than this.

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