The Gold Wing is a ridiculous luxobarge of a motorcycle, has been for many years.

Honda’s made quite a few motorcycles with semi-automatic and automatic transmissions - not counting rubber belt CVT scooters, of which they’ve made many, there’s the torque-converted 2-speed semi-automatic CB750A, the CB400A, and the CM400A/CM450A, the hydrostatic CVT DN-01, and the DCT VFR1200F, NC700/NC750 family, and NM4 (which really is part of the NC700 family itself).

The Gold Wing has only ever had 5-speed manual gearboxes.

Luxobarges, as a rule, have automatics, and have for many decades. (Yes, I know, Tatra never made an automatic 613 or 700. That’s the exception that proves the rule.)


Why hasn’t Honda put an automatic of some sort on the Gold Wing? (Note that this isn’t a product I’d actually buy, just a random musing.)