It had a black Oppo sticker on the gold-plated windows, anyone know the guy? :D

Yesterday, I’m picking pumpkins with the kids and some friends in super-rural East Alabama. No sooner had we all gotten settled on the back the the hayride than I looked up to a B-2 flying directly overhead in a high overcast, maybe 10k feet at the most.

With 20 of these in the fleet and the fact that I (a)wasn’t at an airshow and (b)live nowhere near their Missouri base, this was like seeing a unicorn. And I’m sure I completely dorked out in front of 30+ strangers, but I have never seen a B-2 in person in my life. For the non-aircraft people like my wife, I just said “that’s a billion and a half dollars, plus fuel and crew time.” The whole thing just boggles the mind.

A little extra sleuthing on my part says it was mostly likely headed home to Missouri from a big Jacksonville airshow this past weekend. If you draw a straight line on the map, it makes perfect sense.