- In 1st gen Vibe’s the most easy way to date it is if it has plastic cladding or not. From Launch(2003)-2005 it had plastic cladding on all trims, post-2005 the plastic was painted over its body colour.

- Jukes with a manual have triple cone synchros on 1st & 2nd.

- Buick Terraza’s when introduced in 2005 could only be had with 3.5L V6, but in 2006 it could be upgraded to a 3.9L V6 at the expense of the larger V6 being FWD only. In its last year of production (2007) GM dropped 3.5L V6 & AWD, the 3.9L V6 also got a flex fuel option.


- 2nd gen Honda Odesseys when it got its 2002 update, Honda offered a 5spd auto. The 5spd auto was only available on the EX-L.

Thats all I know, tell me what you know?

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