In 1970's, President of Indonesia, Mayor Soeharto, said that if your motorized transport factory want to get some tax incentives, you should create a product that could be build in Indonesia using Indonesia's 1970's technology. One of the company who take the chance is Lambretta, an Italian scooter manufacturer., that tried to make some sort of three-wheeled "car".


Basically a Helicak it's a Lambretta scooter, but with extra cabin in the front, made out of fiberglass with cast iron frame and acrylic windows. The front cabin has a bench seats that seats two, and the driver drive it from the back. The Helicak is not a great success, only sold 400 units from 1972 to 1976, and nearly 90% of them were bought by Jakarta Transport Authority to use as a public transport, alongside the Daihatsu Midget .

In 1976, Lambretta decide to make a sucessor of the Helicak, called the Super Helicak. It's acutal car this time, has a 4-wheel and an engine and now driver drive it from inside the car. But there's very little known about this thing.

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