So I was driving home yesterday and I see a semi-tastefully, but certainly performance oriented SW20 MR2 next to me. The driver (maybe 20) pulled off his removable steering wheel to show off to his friend, and I see it from my now elevated vantage point and snicker. Silly car people. Truth is though, im totally checking out his car. I LOVE SW20's and the 3S engine, If I could convince my wife to let us get a third car is would be a 3S-GE powered SW-20.

The kids get a glance at me scoping them out and he takes the wheel off and looks at me and says:

"look man, no steering wheel, what am i going to do?!"

Attempting to shock and or impress me. Instead I disarm him with:

"What year?"


"What year is your SW20? I want one as my next car purchase"

"oh, uh, 91."

"I Like it"


Then the light changes and we drive off. Was there some kind of lesson here? Maybe something about how just because I drive a big SUV doesn't mean I hate sports cars or need the status symbol or something, or about how silly removable wheels are. I don't know. Enjoy an SW20