I was looking for a picture of the back of a 2000 Hyundai Elantra wagon with the rear seats down for the “Space Car” theme since I’m a firm believer that there’s no car ever made with more cargo space relative to the external dimentions of the car than that one. I don’t care about what people list as cargo volume. Every manufacturer comes up with their own made up calculation to make it sound bigger than it is, but that’s whatever. Anywho, the point is I love the 2000 Elantra wagon. It’s the best car I’ll ever own and the best car you’ll never own. I’m also in love with an ancient hacked-to-pieces AW11 MR2 named Charlie, but any Oppo regular knows that. Anywho, imagine my surprise when searching for the pic of the Elantra wagon (seriously, it’s magnificent - just don’t overfill the gas tank) and got this.

Someone else gets it.

I am now desperately trying to find out more about this insanity. It was apparently on eBay at one point and even got a mention from Jalopnik back in 2007, but details are scarce apart from that it’s three modified turbos producing 190 lbs of thrust and capable of an insane 80 mph. That’s 30 more than Charlie was capable of in his last ride with the original engine. Who would need that kind of speed? A reverse GIS turned up this page, but it’s still lacking. I NEED MOAR MR2 JETS!