1. Was disappointing. I have seen others’ photos of cars that were either not there, or extremely well hidden.

2. I picked the 7:30am train because I like getting places early. I somehow missed that the only train back was at 7:50 pm. I decided to pass the time by walking around. About 50 blocks worth. I basically did not sit down or really stop moving from 11am to 6pm. I hurt.

3. I was supposed to go with a friend, who couldn’t make it do to a sudden commitment. Being extremely non-adventurous on my own, I may have spent the most boring day in manhattan possible.

4. I have slept 3 hours in the past 39.

5. I noticed a -thing- maybe. I saw at least five different cars, all semi-exotic (alfa, Lotus, Fiat Abarth) with white paint, and a red roof and trunk lid. It’s probably not rare for the Abarth convertibles, but the 4c and the Evora were right next to each other and that doesn’t seem like a typical color combo. Anyone have an idea what was going on?


6. I do not like New York.