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Random Obscure Car Mention - Lamborghini Cala

I was shooting the $%!^ with someone the other day. We started at the 90’s era C4 Corvette ZR-1 and discussed the usual stuff: Today’s values, the Lotus designed/Mercury Marine built engine, and my love of cars with rear tires the width of hazardous waste barrels. It was therefore easy for us to drift into a discussion about the first gen Viper, its big rear wheels, and the v10 that came with assistance from Lamborghini (assistance with sand casting - it was not a Lambo design). The next logical step in our discussion was for me to bring up the Lamborghini Cala.

“Of course Joseph, the Cala. Who would NOT think of the Cala at that moment.

By the way...what the fuck’s a Cala?”

The Cala was the “baby Lambo” that was under development in the 90’s. Lamborghini was working on their own v10. A 4 liter v10 with 400hp, rear wheel drive, and I think the panels were carbon - at least for the prototype.


This car was under development when VW acquired Lamborghini and was shelved; with the Gallardo being final realization of this basic idea.

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As a fan; I’m perfectly fine with the idea that this was cancelled as I think the Gallardo was a success as a fan of the company.

I am, however NOT ok with the fact that the 2006 Miura Concept didn’t go anywhere.

That’s a good looking car in my humble opinion. I love the sharp angles of modern Lamborghini designs but this - damn.

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