So I’ve been cleaning out my house that we bought 10 years ago and both moved in a bunch of old shit and bought a bunch more. I’ve been in IT support for almost 15 years now and done a lot of work in small and mid-sized businesses until a few years ago. This means I had a lot of old equipment that I replaced in that work and took away to either re-purpose, resell or recycle. I’ve made 5 or 6 e-recycling runs in the last couple months but every once in a while I come across something particularly old or interesting and think - I should share this with Oppo, some folks there would enjoy it. And then I chuck it in the bin or set it aside to deal with later. Today I’ll be sharing some of the random old tech in my possession that’s about to go to the scrapper! Enjoy my the crap from my closets and basement Oppo!

- A Palm Tungsten E PDA


This thing even had a color screen! I probably last used this thing circa 2007

-Palm Centro cell phone

This thing came out right around the time of the first iPhone if I remember and was an awesome little phone - even had 3g support. If I recall correctly it was replaced with a Palm Pre which was actually an awesome phone and WebOS deserved a better life than being bought by HP then shutdown 6 months later and sold to LG to run their TVs. It was vastly better to use than Android and rivaled IOS (better in my opinion) but HP killed it before it got critical mass. Anyway this thing is hilariously small compared to any modern phone.

- Slot 2 Pentium III Xeon 1.0 Ghz


This came out of an old Compaq 6u monstrosity which probably weighted 80 poungs and had two of these and I used a long time ago as my home server. I last turned it on probably in 2008 and for some reason moved the damn thing here. I pulled these two processors and the ram out and sent the chassis to the scrapper a few months ago. I kept these because they’re a fairly neat bit of computing history I feel like.

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