Random Olympic Musings

1. The NBC commentators are annoying AF. Go to the NBC livestream and it’s a couple of soothing British guys. More facts, less color and backstory. Then I put the stream on TV and it’s Bodie Miller talking about the time he got high with Ted Ligety or whatever.

2. So sick of curling. Looks fun, but this is like if billiards dominated the summer olympics. Every...single...day.


3. The weird sexualization of female Olympians is starting to get creepy (as the father of a young daughter, I begin to take more notice. Not like that.). Do other countries do this, too? Now here’s a shot of Mikaela wearing daisy dukes and riding a unicycle. That would sound crazy if it wasn’t true. At least VISA was kind enough to put her in an ice bath.

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