Admittedly, I have done only the slightest modicum of research on these cars. But I do find the Hyundai Equus/Kia K900 to be somewhat enticing in my search for a new daily driver (among a slew of other cars/trucks/SUVs). It’s time to put the Cube out to pasture (via donation), and I’m honestly all over the place about what I might want to replace it with.

As for the inevitable questions of what exactly I’m looking for in a daily and why I’m looking at these, well, let me try to answer. I only travel about 15 miles each way to/from work, and work 4 days a week. I tend to hit bad traffic on my way to work and have an easy cruise on my way home. I live in a city, and my daily commute has me traversing the downtown portion. Ultimately, I want something comfortable and enjoyable to drive without being unreasonably expensive. I do the occasional road trip here and there, and drive down to southern California a few times per year. Really all I need is four doors and a vehicle that can soak up miles. But I want something that I won’t hate driving.


I’d be going the used car route, hoping to find a good one that’s not at a Kia/Hyundai dealership, as they are notoriously terrible. There are plenty of used models less than 5 years old with under 50-60k miles for less than $20k within a fairly short distance of me. I know they’ll keep depreciating (which is why I will not even consider buying one new), but I have not come across much info that says they are horribly unreliable and ungodly expensive to keep on the road.

So I’m hoping some Oppo folks here have experience with the BH-L platform. Anything in particular I should be looking for when I go for some test drives? Or maybe you’re of the opinion that I’m just being stupid for even considering these. Feel free to let me know if that’s the case.

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