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As a fellow Southeastern Canadian, I’m experiencing the March Madness: Snowstorm Edition.


My parents had to take our ‘06 Corolla to the dealer today for some long overdue maintenance (and get an estimate regarding the exhaust). Turns out the flange has rotted away, which has been creating the awesome “tuner exhaust” sound I’ve grown to love recently out of our car. Also had some fun with my dad powering the car through some turns in the snow.

Later today I also went out for a job interview, and had a bit of fun with the snow again today in the Corolla. After the interview didn’t pan out (they liked me, just said they were looking for someone with more experience at this time), I had some more fun in the snow. However, I almost went a tad overboard.


Going down the main road, went to turn down my street, and a few things happen. First, I slightly overshoot with the brakes, because all season tires. I wind up turning hard and putting gas down to get going on our barely-plowed road, no biggie, I think to myself. Bear in mind, as I turn, I am also cutting wide into the oncoming lane.

Next, as I execute the turn, I realize that there’s a black Jeep CJ coming up the road. My car is half in oncoming, struggling to find grip with the snow-covered ice, angled with the front towards the proper side and my rear hanging out there. He sees me, I see him, and he’s going a good pace with about 30ft away from hitting me. I’m barely going 10km/h on the turn. I floor the gas, with the 1.8L revving for a good few seconds, until the front tires finally find something to grip. Still revving, I pull into proper side of the road and straighten out, while the Jeep has managed to brake just enough so when I make my move, there’s about 2ft between my left rear quarter panel and his left front bumper.


It’s at this moment I realize that I’ve probably, successfully evaded a proper PIT maneuver, were I not to accelerate as I did.

Anyways, that was my attempted sideways fun for today. I’ve also been seriously considering that Sentra coupe as a potential first car (actual one I’m looking at is in red however, with original cassette deck and AC/heater). It’s cheap enough ($1800 CAD), and with 74k on it, seems like a solid buy.

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