So I was walking home the other day, and as I walked on the sidewalk minding my own business, I started to hear the familiar heavily distorted bass of the bro cult's favorite music type, dubstep.

It came from a bro, driving one of these, a G37 coupe. His bro windows were open, and he was wearing bro sunglasses (on a non-bro cloudy day) and a bro flat-brimmed bro cap. We made bro eye contact as he slowly simultaneously brought the bro car to a stop and turned his bro cap backwards.


Yes, this did happen.

Now, this article on the FP got me thinking: damn, this car is almost entirely driven by douchebags. It's not even just the coupe, it applies to the sedan, the old G35 coupe/sedan, and even the Maxima. Everyone that tailgates my learner's permit ass, or my dad, is driving one of these. Everyone that swerves through traffic through imaginary chicanes is driving one of these. You get my point.

Maybe this is just a NY thing. Anyways Oppo, what's the douchebro car in your area?